Handmade Small Ceramic Bath Bowl



Introducing the Handmade Small Ceramic Bath Bowl from NAAMA, a perfect addition to any bathroom or home decor collection. This bowl is handcrafted by our skilled ceramics artists, ensuring that each piece is truly unique and of the highest quality.

This small bath bowl is made from high-quality ceramic and glazed with a smooth finish, making it durable, easy to clean and maintain. With a size of approximately 5″ and a weight of 1 lbs., it is perfect for small bathrooms or as a second bowl for guests.

The bowl features a simple yet elegant design, the clean lines and curves makes it versatile and can match any interior design. The small size and shape of the bowl also makes it easy to store, you can use it to store small items or even use it as a centerpiece with flowers or plants.

This small bowl is not only functional but also beautiful, it is a work of art that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Add a touch of elegance to your home with the Handmade Small Ceramic Bath Bowl from NAAMA.


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