Antique Ceramics Bath Bowl with Blue Glaze inside



Introduce the Antique Bath Bowl with Blue Glaze inside, this one-of-a-kind ceramics art piece from NAAMA is sure to be the focal point of any room. Dating back to 1,800 BC in the Middle Bronze Age. This antique Bath Bowl is steeped in history and has been carefully restored and updated with a contemporary touch of blue glaze on the inside to give it a new life and appeal.

This antique bath bowl is handcrafted by our skilled ceramics artists using traditional techniques, ensuring that each piece is truly unique and of the highest quality. The blue glaze finish gives it an elegant and modern touch, while still preserving the antique charm and character. The intricate patterns and fine details of the bowl are truly breathtaking, making it an ideal piece for any ceramics art collector or lover of vintage and antique pieces.

This bowl is not only a work of art but it is also functional, it can be used to store small items, or use it as a centerpiece with flowers or plants. The bowl measures approximately xxx and weighs  1.9 pounds. With its unique combination of antique charm, modern finish and functionality, the Antique Bath Bowl with Blue Glaze Inside is the perfect piece to add to any home décor or ceramics art collection.

The dimensions of the bowl:

Height:4.75’’ / Width:10.25’’/ Depth:2.5’’


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